PadForce® Safeset protective case for Sennheiser HD700 / HD660S / HD600 / HD598 / HD599 / HD558 , AKG K550 / K551, Beyerdynamic DT880 headphones and many other models

179,99 lei

This pouch is compatible with:

Sennheiser: HD700 HD660S HD650 HD600 HD598 HD598CS HD598SE HD559 HD569 HD599 HD558 HD518 HD449 HD439 HD429 HD419 HD418 HD428 HD438 HD448 HD8 DJ HD6 MIX etc. AKG: K550, K551, K545, K845BT Ultrasound: EDM ED8 ED5. Shure and other headphones.
And many other headphone models.


Check the dimensions of your headphones and see if they fit in this 235 x 200 x 100 mm (millimetres) inner case.

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